Project Description

1. 两分钟刷牙倒计时:解决刷牙时间太短或太长的问题
2. 牙刷头90天更换提醒:解决牙刷超期使用带来的卫生隐患
3. 烘干:解决潮湿牙刷容易滋生细菌的问题
4. 臭氧消毒:清除牙刷上99.9%的细菌
5. 倒立充电:解决电动牙刷充电不方便的问题

With regard to brushing, it is easy to overlook some details that seriously affect our oral hygiene.
Oral Guard is born with the following major functions to prevent and protect our oral health:
1. Two minutes of brushing countdown: solve the problem that brushing time is too
short or too long;
2. 90-day replacement of the toothbrush head: Resolve the hidden dangers caused by
the overdue use of the toothbrush;
3. Drying: Solve the problem that moist toothbrush is easy to breed bacteria;
4. Ozone disinfection: remove 99.9% of the bacteria on the toothbrush;
5. Toothbrush inverted charging: solve the problem of inconvenient charging of
electric toothbrush.