Fly to Space


Fly to Space是一款太空主义的玻璃吹制灯,适用于各种场景。宇宙的多样性和神秘性无时无刻不在吸引着人类探索太空。球形灯罩的表面与行星表面具有诗意化的一致性。不规则的色彩与灯光有机结合,营造出具有美感和意境的后现代风格灯具。不使用时,它又是一个美丽的空间装饰。This is a space-style lamp, suitable for a variety of scenes. Products include table lamp base, spherical lampshade, OLED lamp body. The design point is the surface of the spherical lampshade coincides with the surface of the planet.

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